Saturday, August 14, 2010


What a lovely day we had today! We travelled to Launceston to watch my step daughter graduate from Nursing. The weather was lovely and she looked so happy. While we waited we looked around city park and the children loved the monkeys. They then played in the park . We didn't stay for the whole ceremony as I don't think the children would have coped, so we crept out halfway through (after seeing Beck) and the children had a run around. we didn't have the best day with Lulu today.. she seemed extra sensitive and burst into tears several times.. but was ok again when we arrived home. Gosh it can be exhausting trying to communicate with a moody 7 year old!
We headed home after spending some time with Beck, calling into Campbell Town on the way.. there are some lovely timber carvings that have gone up since we were last there, and a beautiful little providore where we purchased some unusual purple kongo potatoes. I cant wait to cook them and see what they are like. we also picked up some mascapone so I can try a stuffed fig recipe that we found last week - possibly the yummiest thing ever! I will let you know how it turns out, and maybe take some photos.


  1. Hi there!! Long time no see! Congratulations to your niece. Lengthy car trips with the kids can be very loooong indeed. Mmmm,that stuffed fig sounds yummy! Hope all is well! xoxo :))

  2. Congrats to your Neice graduating from her course... I must have been a great day!!

    Jodie :)