Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camp adventures

This past weekend saw my two treasures head off to their first cub scouts camp. The weather was grey and rainy on the saturday, but thankfully sunshine burst through on the saturday. It was so strange to have a weekend without them that I popped off to bed early instead of sitting up alone. Hubby went alone on the saturday night as well, so I visited some friends for a yummy dinner of steamed dumplings and hummingbird cake.
On sunday I went out to Grandmas house and collected some things that I thought I could use. I took some material (there was a metre of fabric that had all these old fashioned labels of australian food labels - any ideas?!) and a embroidery that she had not quite finished.. I am hoping to turn it into something wonderful (a skirt perhaps!). My aunties and mum had also found Christmas presents that she had put away for the great-grandchildren, and grandchildren, so Mitchell and Lucy has some gifts to open when they arrived home. The weather has been kinder this week and I am feeling smug about having clean, dry clothes and sheets!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


What a lovely day we had today! We travelled to Launceston to watch my step daughter graduate from Nursing. The weather was lovely and she looked so happy. While we waited we looked around city park and the children loved the monkeys. They then played in the park . We didn't stay for the whole ceremony as I don't think the children would have coped, so we crept out halfway through (after seeing Beck) and the children had a run around. we didn't have the best day with Lulu today.. she seemed extra sensitive and burst into tears several times.. but was ok again when we arrived home. Gosh it can be exhausting trying to communicate with a moody 7 year old!
We headed home after spending some time with Beck, calling into Campbell Town on the way.. there are some lovely timber carvings that have gone up since we were last there, and a beautiful little providore where we purchased some unusual purple kongo potatoes. I cant wait to cook them and see what they are like. we also picked up some mascapone so I can try a stuffed fig recipe that we found last week - possibly the yummiest thing ever! I will let you know how it turns out, and maybe take some photos.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainy days and sunny thoughts

It is a dreary day today in Tassie.. lots of rain and grey skys. It will be good for the garden though and it is always nice to be snuggly and warm inside as the rain trickles down the windows. On days like today I like to cook and nest. Also, remind myself that spring is not far away and we will soon be running on the beach with our boogie boards again!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sewing and gardens

I am busy at the moment piecing together grandmas doilies and skirts and sheets into some little dresses for 4 of her granddaughters. I am a novice at sewing and have a lot to learn, but I have found each new item I attempt is slightly better than the last. I hope to enlist some help from a talented lady at church.. I will upload photos as go. Pictured is a cape Imade for my sons friend. Gosh, revisiting this photo reminds me of what a great job my husband has done in our yard! What was dirt and sand is now lush lawn and garden beds.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Grandma xx

Well, it has been a long time between posts! But I am really looking forward to getting into a routine of posting regularly. Alot has been happening, but I thought I would use this post to honour my grandma who passed away 2 weeks ago. Gosh, she has left a large hole that I can only fill with her memories. A beautiful, energetic lady who was in the centre of everything. Grandma was always welcoming and always had time for all her family. I love you Grandma, and hope that I made a small difference in your life, as you certainly blessed mine.