Sunday, October 10, 2010


We have had a busy few weeks here. I managed to flood our house, so we are in the midst of picking new flooring for the kitchen, dining, laundry and bathroom. I am finding it to be quite daunting! So many choices out there! Hopefully by next week I can report that the decision has been made.

Our rabbit has finally had her babies. They are 8 days old today and I finally got around to taking some photos. They are the cutest things, and are just starting to open their eyes. Mum has been so good with them and so we have 4 very healthy babies.
On other news, springtime is definitely here. We enjoyed our first evening picnic last night at Battery Point park. Lucy loved it as she is allowed to take Missy (our puppy) to this park. Missy loved seeing all the other dogs as well. While there I spotted some of the magnolia trees have been decorated with doilies. I love finding random craft in public places! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and that you find random prettiness in public spaces as well.


  1. Yarn bombing in Hobart!!! I must try to see it before it disappears. I love baby bunnies! They are the cutest, softest things in the world. And poor house! :( Hope choosing new flooring and putting it in all goes easily.

  2. That tree looks amazing!
    Have a wonderful week. xx

  3. Cute Rabbits - we have thought of getting one - what type are these?