Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grand final day!

The footy has just finished..Geelong won the flag. I am by no means a footy fan who checks the games each week, however if I am ever asked who I support it would be Geelong (due to the Morrison family a long time ago). Today though, I was really hoping for the Saints to win as it has been so long since they have won a final..and it would please my Pa!
It has been a lovely day here today. Mitch and Lulu spent the morning with me at the markets where we picked up a lovely skirt by Nerine (she is so so talented and makes the most beautiful clothes), we ate some yummy tempura mushrooms and the children enjoyed a snow cone. I finally finished our taxes so life is great right now!
The only plans now are to rest and spend time with the family for the remainder of the day. Nice.

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  1. Hello Gorgeous! =) Sorry I'm so slow, it hadn't occured to me when I first saw you on my list that this was also yours...but now as I've progressed with this blogging thing I'm finding it easier to navigate my way around (It's not feeling so much like alien territory) Thanks for the lovely comments. I hope your well and have a wonderful christmas. xo